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3 days ago

New Zealand Cup and Show Week

Mary Outram is queen of NZ Cup and Show Week, so we thought we would ask her a few questions about what she does during the best week of the year in Christchurch!

What’s your top five favourite things to do/see/eat/drink/experience during the week?

For me it's obviously the fashion, I love that people can really go all out and be as bold or original as they like.
Sometimes I feel that Christchurch people are a little more conservative with fashion so its fun to be able to wear and show your personality or fun side at something like this.

What’s your funniest (or most embarrassing!) memory from Cup & Show Week?

I think most embarrassing would 100% be one of my first years when I wore the worst shoes/ big heels and only lasted in them about two hours... but the end of the day I was literally walking in bare feet! I would of been about 18 then so didn't really care... now I am so sure to make sure I wear the best footwear each year, it is key!

What’s your top tips for surviving the week?

Good shoes, definitely a glam squad to make you over so you don't stress doing it all yourself. Food, water in between all the glasses of bubbles and perhaps no work the following days so you get a sleep in. I am always knackered but that's part of the fun!

Where are we most likely to find you on NZ Cup Day?

On the Lindaur Lawn by the live music or at the fashion tent watching the finals/ heats of best dressed!

What’s your favourite place to grab a drink and a bite to eat with friends in central Christchurch?

Loving Amazonita on the Terrace at the moment, especially with this weather!

Tell us in 50 words or less what you love best about Christchurch during New Zealand Cup & Show Week.

I think just the vibe and buzz around Christchurch, everyone is always talking about it for weeks before and afterwards! The whole week brings the city to life and it's almost a step into summer afterwards. I love that it brings all my friends together, people travel from all over NZ and my friend from Sydney comes over each year so it brings us together.

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Look at we spotted outside Ballantynes Department Store this morning!

Our 2018 Cup and Show window - complete with our new stand out branding 💙💙💚💛💜❤️

We're counting down the days 'til Cup and Show Week begins!

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Stand out

New Zealand Cup and Show Week is the South Island’s premier Spring Festival. This stand out week-long celebration showcases racing, fashion, excitement and glamour alongside cutting-edge agricultural innovation, fun-filled family entertainment and tantalising regional food and beverage offerings.

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