Alcohol bans in surrounding areas of event venues

Christchurch City Council reminds guests attending the racing events at Addington Raceway and Riccarton Park during NZ Cup and Show Week that alcohol bans will be in place.

An alcohol ban will operate in the surrounding areas of Addington Raceway on Tuesday, 14 November, New Zealand Trotting Cup Day, from 9am to 10pm.  The ban area is bounded by Lincoln Road, Moorhouse Avenue, Blenheim Road, Matipo Street and Wrights Road.

A temporary alcohol ban will also be in place around the surrounding areas of Riccarton Park Racecourse from 7am to 12 midnight on Saturday 18 November 2017.  The ban will apply to the area bounded by both sides of of Yaldhurst Road to Middlepark Road; Epsom Road to Racecourse Road; Buchanans Road to Masham Road to Yaldhurst Road.

An alcohol ban prohibits the drinking of alcohol or having an open alcohol container in public within the ban areas during the times specified.

The bans are aimed at preventing people pre-loading with alcohol on their way to venues. It also ensures a safer environment for those attending the events and for residents in the local community surrounding the venues.

A breach of the alcohol ban is an offence and may result in arrest, prosecution and/or a fine. The NZ Police are authorised to enforce the ban and to search containers and vehicles for alcohol in the ban area. The Police may seize and remove alcohol, and arrest any person who is found to be breaching the ban.