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Māia Health Foundation is thrilled to be the official charity partner of New Zealand Cup and Show Week – NZ’s most exciting and biggest spring festival. Māia Health Foundation is on a mission to enhance health services in Canterbury – not only for the Canterbury region but for all those from across the South Island who will use its services.

Our charity partner will help us reach out to people from all over the South Island – the very people we’re here to help with two vital projects. Over the week, there will be many opportunities to find out more, get involved and contribute to our region’s health. New Zealand Cup & Show Week, and Māia – taking our health services from good to great.

For the next two years, Māia is committed to raising funds for the new building project at the Christchurch Hospital. Its two vital projects are:

Enhancements to the Children’s facility is one of the two projects Māia is here to help with. It’s all about providing the best environment possible, making each stay as comfortable as possible for children and their families. Some enhancements Māia is funding include a children’s playground, socialisation spaces for teenagers, a school room, and paediatric glazing in the emergency department to name a few.

Māia’s second project is enhancing the rooftop helipad, providing quicker, faster access for emergency care. The plans for the redevelopment of Christchurch Hospital had provision for a small helipad. Māia is raising funds to provide for a purpose-built and future-proofed rooftop helipad. This enhanced helipad will:

  • Save 13 minutes (on average) transfer time from the current helipad at Hagley Park to the hospital.
  • It will be large enough to allow one helicopter to park to the side, allowing another to land if need be.
  • It will include a rooftop clinical support unit, providing life-saving measures instantly on touchdown for trauma patients and a quicker transition to full care for routine transfers.
  • It will accommodate larger long-range aircraft, allowing extended coverage across most of the South Island.
  • It will be configured to cope with adverse weather conditions.

For more information about Māia and these game-changing projects visit the website.